XR Training

Get ready for the future

XR and the metaverse can seem like a daunting place. It’s an emerging field and at
times can seem deliberately opaque. LIVR Studios has been at the cutting edge of
XR for years, so we know how to keep things clear.

We have developed a range of courses that have been meticulously designed for all
skill levels. From the challenges around project planning and creation to the
complexities of delivery; the LIVR Studios courses cover everything from
infrastructure to end-user experience.

We can help upskill you and your team so you can think about ways you can bring
XR into everything you do.

XR Courses tailored to you

We have a range of courses that can help develop XR skillsets in a number of
disciplines and areas, so no matter what the starting skill level we can help get you to where you want to be.

Speak with one of our experts now to create a bespoke XR course that fits your requirements.