UI/UX Design

End User-centric thinking

Your XR experience may look great but if the end-user can’t understand how to use it, you have an issue.

The team at LIVR Studios has decades of combined experience in UI/UX design, specifically in XR. We can help you sidestep some of the pitfalls that it is easy to fall into when thinking about projects in a new medium. Our approach creates a truly user-focused interface and design

Focusing on the user challenge

Analysis & Research

End-user research
Issue identification
Behaviour analysis

Rigorous prototyping

Wireframe & Interactive designs
Repeated stress testing

Robust delivery

End-user device assessment
UI/UX Test and delivery
Post-launch support

Design with purpose


Keeping the end-user profile –
regardless of who they are –
front of mind at every
stage of the UI/UX process
means you can create
something that really moves
people. Get in touch and we
can help you put the end-user
front and centre.

Captivate your audience on an emotional level

If you are thinking about how to improve the user experience and ultimately create something that resonates much more with an end-user, get in touch and our team can help.