XR post-production is complicated
LIVR Studios makes it simple

The post-production process may not have been the first thing you thought of when
you decided to create an XR experience. Now you here, it can seem overly complex and daunting.

We understand, we really do, we went through the same process. When we couldn’t find XR post out there that did what we needed, we built our own facilities from the ground up.

How we work

LIVR Studios is fully integrated, we have end to end
postproduction facilities.

We are able to handle every requirement in the XR production process – from stitching, colouring, and grading to animation and VFX – all in house

Special effect design

Colour correction

Video animation

We can help you avoid the pitfalls.

No matter what stage you are at you can come to us and the team can help. LIVR Studios was set to handle all points of the XR workflow so there is nothing we can’t do.

We are entirely self-contained and not dependent on any third parties, we are able to move quicker. We have complete project visibility which makes us more adaptable and efficient, and ultimately, more cost-effective