Capture and Creation

Bringing XR to life

Start with an idea. Whether you want to build a fully immersive experience, a game,
tell a story in XR or simply build a VR world to roam in, what matters is the idea, and
that is what you should focus on.  Let us do the rest.

LIVR Studios was designed to help with what comes after the idea, the creation. XR project planning, storyboarding, scoping and pre-production can all seem
like great unknowns. Not having a clue where to start is common, feeling bewildered
even more so but this is what we are here to help with.


The LIVR Studios team can help you flesh out a concept and show you how far you can really take it.


Having all of the workflow in-house means that we can fully plan how the creation process should work. This will significantly streamline your project


Once the planning is in place our teams can get to work. We can capture the best possible assets to make sure that your project really shines.

Let’s bring your idea to life!

Come to us with an idea no matter what stage you are at and we can help move your vision forward.