About Us

Putting the Xperience in XR

LIVR Studios grew out of LIVR – the world’s first XR Platform dedicated to theatre and the performing arts. When LIVR was created a lot of the services needed across: content creation, production, delivery, and app development simply didn’t exist. LIVR Studios was created to address this need.

It means that at LIVR Studios, not only can we really understand any XR challenges you may have but it’s likely we have already been through them. We have the technology and, importantly, the hard-won experience to find a solution to any challenges you may be facing.

How We Work

The team is made up of multidisciplinary specialists across design, software, backend development, UX/UI, production and post.

Having a diverse talent pool means that LIVR Studios is able to pick the right skillsets for any project, making it more efficient and effective and enabling you to create amazing things.

At LIVR Studios we want to make the end-to-end process more straightforward, opening up XR to new audiences for both business and consumers.

We want to enable creators to develop extraordinary immersive experiences. All you need is the idea, so get in touch and we can help with the rest